#042: Embrace Humanity When Managing Others with Joe Schotthoefer

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews Joe Schotthoefer, Vice President of Operations at Doetsch Environmental Services, Inc.

Joe discusses what it was like to grow up with the family business as a big part of his young life and how it impacted him to work in the family business full time.  Joe describes the business and the importance of the culture of the company and why it means so much to him and his family.

We discuss his family dynamic and their philosophy in how they train and support their team for long term success.  Finally, Joe gives insight on how he approaches the human side of supervising others.

Joe Schotthoefer

Joe Schotthoefer is VP of Operations for Doetsch Environmental Services, a fifth-generation family owned business located in Detroit Michigan. 

Established in 1898, Doetsch is committed to preventing pollution of lakes, rivers and oceans by maintaining underground sewerage systems.

The Doetsch name and reputation have been synonymous with high quality, professional industrial inspection and cleaning services.

Oil spills, hazardous waste, solid waste and sewer line backups are formidable clean-up jobs tackled on a daily basis by Doetsch Environmental Services, a 122-year-old environmental contractor, based in Warren, Michigan.

Doetsch Environmental Services offers professional cleaning services of wet and dry materials, located above or below ground, to municipalities, manufacturing facilities, power plants, foundries, chemical plants and refineries.

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Action Step

  • Be relational when supervising