#020: Embrace Your Journey and Face The Beast with Roberto Revilla

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews fashion designer and podcaster Roberto Revilla on how he embraced a rough childhood and embraced his experiences to find his calling and create a massively successful bespoke tailoring business.

Roberto discusses his experience growing up in the heart of downtown London in the 80’s and what it was like growing up in an entrepreneur household and how it impacted his views on life. He discusses how his father taught him the value of work ethic early in life and although he hated it, it influenced his own journey to ultimately launching and owning a business.

Roberto shares his experience of breaking away from the family business and his struggle with finding work and the vocation that best fit his talents and passion. He shares an interesting story about how McDonald’s refused to hire him because the manager wanted him to pursue something greater.

Roberto discusses how he began to uncover his passion for helping people after he was laid off from his first full time job.  He was offered a job to help the elderly or tailoring suits.  He chose the tailoring gig and that launched him into the tailoring and fashion world.  After seven years in the tailoring business, he decided to partner with a few others to start a boutique shop.  He parted ways with that group after two years and launched his own business.

Roberto shares that his journey was always based on helping others.  He discovered that clothing breeds confidence and so he wanted to help others gain confidence by clothing them.

Once he aligned his passion to serve others with his superpower to intuitively understanding people, he was finally able to land on his ultimate vocation of fashion and tailoring for men.

Roberto talks about the more successful he is in business and life, the more resistance he experiences from the Beast and that’s simply a sign that he’s on the right track.

Finally, Roberto humors me by answering my silly British questions and shares some fashion tips for men.

Roberto Revilla

Roberto Revilla is a London-based bespoke tailor, menswear designer and owner of Roberto Revilla London Suit & Shirtmakers.

He is also the host of the Tailoring Talk Podcast.

He works with clients to help them be their very best through the clothing he creates for them.

Dubbed “the Rock N Roll Tailor" by the UK’s ShortList Magazine, he loves taking care of people and helping them find their confidence in the clothing they wear.

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