#033: Embrace Your Significance Journey Part 1 - Survival Mode

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In this episode, Erick Rheam, launches a three part series based on the Discover Significance Assessment.

Erick believes everyone wants to live a life of significance and everyone is on the journey towards significance, but it can be long, arduous, and with many detours along the way.  Erick created the Discover Significance Assessment tool so that a busy professional can identify where they are, so that they can formulate an action plan to move forward in the right direction.

In this episode, Erick unpacks the Survival Mode.  People who scored between 125 and 375 on the assessment are in survival mode.  Within each mode there are three phases.  In survival mode they are:

Rock Bottom (125 - 250)

Frustrated Soul (255 - 305)

Hopeful Spirit (310 - 375)

Erick discusses each phase, steps on how to navigate the phases, and the negative tactics of the Beast and how to mitigate them within each phase.

Resources Mentioned

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  2. Rise Above Chaos book
  3. Work with Erick
  4. Discover Significance Assessment

Action Step

  • Follow the three steps associated to your phase