#047: Enjoy the Process with Brett Snodgrass

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews successful entrepreneur Brett Snodgrass.

Brett is the founder of Iron Deep, a men’s community with a foundation rooted in Christ for successful business leaders.  He discusses why he created the group a year ago and how it solved a problem for him and how he helps other men pause and reflect so that they can learn to be more present in their lives.

We discuss Brett’s desire to enjoy the process more, remove things from his life that are no longer necessary and how helps other men do the same.  Brett is open and honest about his own struggles, what keeps him up at night and how he's still a work in progress.

Brett Snodgrass

Brett founded Iron Deep in 2021.  Iron Deep is a unique men’s community of risk-taking, mission-minded male business leaders who vow to go beyond success to fulfill their significant purpose in Christ. 

It’s a band of business brothers who strive to root their identity in the “Father Business” and have everything else flow through that filter. 

The Iron Deep community is made up of imperfect, broken, messy, and raw men, channeling a strong desire to come together, encourage one another, and stand in each other’s corner.  They prioritize significance over success - even though they love success.

Resources Mentioned

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  5. Irond Deep website
  6. Brett’s book The Secret War Within
  7. Brett’s book recommendation The True Measure of a Man

Action Step

  • Look for ways to be more present in areas of your life