#017: Gain the Courage to Make Big Moves in Your Life with Ravi Rajani

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews professional speaker and podcaster, Ravi Rajani, on what it takes to gain the courage to make big moves in your life.

Ravi takes us on a journey on when he got started into sales and how he transitioned into the premier teacher on the art of leveraging storytelling into success in life.  He talks about the “gold medal” effect and how he did everything right to get into corporate sales only to be disappointed when he realized the reality of corporate sales didn’t align with his perception of it.

Ravi discusses how his mom taught him the concept of “soul contracts” and why it’s important to look at opportunities as providential and lean into them.  He’s passionate about being expressive with your passions and learning to leverage them as part of your spiritual journey.

He believes most fail to make big moves because they miss the signals that life gives us when it’s time for a change.  He got to the point where the pain of staying where he was in his corporate life far outweighed the risk of moving on, so it was the pain that gave him the courage to start making big moves.

In the end, it was a series of decisions in his career that was not linear, but gave him the momentum toward his calling.  Once he went all in on his own thing and stopped juggling multiple things at the same time, was the moment he finally found his ultimate success.

Finally, Ravi lays out what a meaningful life looks like to him.

Ravi Rajani

Ravi Rajani helps B2B sales teams build trust, create a connection with their prospects and sell more by mastering the art of story.

From being enrolled in dance school as a kid, stumbling into theatre as a teen, and delivering hundreds of pitches and presentations during his time in Investment Banking & Sales Leadership, Ravi is here to help you craft stories that sell and deliver presentations that convert.

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