#010: Perfect Day Element #3 - Work Within Your Strengths

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In this episode, Erick Rheam, discusses Element #3 of the Seven Elements of The Perfect Day, Work Within Your Strengths.

The Beast distracts you by filling your days with meaningless activities.  By doing this you tend to work outside of your strengths and become frustrated, tired and bored with life.  

In this episode Erick discusses how to approach your days so that you may spend more time working within your strengths and less time on your weaknesses.

There are three types of tasks that pull you from your strengths:

  1. Draining - These tasks drain you of valuable energy because they’re usually weak areas.
  2. Others - Other people can do the task just as good as you and probably better than you.
  3. Distraction - You are proficient at the task but it keeps you from focusing on your strengths.  

Your goal is to remove as many of those tasks as possible so that you can create more time and focus your energy on your strengths.  You do this by identifying the following with each task outside of your strength zone:

  1. Eliminate - Get rid of the task altogether, because it no longer makes sense to be part of your day and it’s taking up valuable time and energy during your day.
  2. Delegate - Transfer this task to someone else that can do this task as good if not better than you.
  3. Trade - Get this task out of your day by giving it to a friend or colleague in exchange for a task that falls within your strengths.

Make a list of your recurring tasks and start looking for tasks you can remove from your list so that you can start living more within your strengths.

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  2. Rise Above Chaos book
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Action Step

  • Edit task list to focus more on strengths