#012: Perfect Day Element #5 - Manage Expectations

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In this episode, Erick Rheam, discusses Element #5 of the Seven Elements of The Perfect Day, manage expectations.

To live a significant life you need the help of others, which means you must learn to interact with others in a healthy way.  This is accomplished by managing the expectations of others.

In this episode Erick discusses why it’s important to be proactive when managing expectations in order to minimize conflict.

There are four guidelines to consider when managing expectations:

  1. Be proactive - Being aware of your own expectations and your level of stress is critical if you desire to engage in meaningful relationships.
  2. Be clear with your expectations - Have the courage to engage in proactive discussions with key stakeholders in your life.
  3. A predictable with your emotions - If others know what to expect from you emotionally that builds trust, which is the foundation for healthy relationships.
  4. Start with the most respected person - Prioritize your relationships and manage the expectations with your most important stakeholders first.

Your reality - Clarify your reality and embrace the constraints you must manage as you navigate your life.

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Action Step

  • Clarify expectations with your five most important relationships