#013: Perfect Day Element #6 - Assemble a Team

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In this episode, Erick Rheam, discusses Element #6 of the Seven Elements of The Perfect Day, assemble a team.

No one achieves significance without the help of others, which is why it’s critical that you’re intentional with whom you surround yourself with on your journey.

In this episode Erick discusses how to assemble and manage an effective team.

When assembling a team surround yourself with four types of team members:

  1. Opinion leaders - These are folks with opinions that matter and can influence others’ thoughts and opinions of you.
  2. Champions - These are your cheerleaders.  You need encouragement and these people edify and support you, especially during difficult times.
  3. Difference makers - They have specific skillsets that you need because they support areas where you’re weak.
  4. Decision makers - These people have the power to make decisions and have the financial means to back up those decisions.

There are three guiding principles when building a team:

  1. Awareness - Be aware of the phase of life you’re in and areas of weakness that you need support through carefully selected teammates.
  2. Attract the right team members - Be willing to grow and evolve by filling your mind with good content through conferences, podcasts, books and articles.  By doing this you attract people that are evolving and are in alignment with you.
  3. Prune your relationships - Be willing to identify and dismiss relationships that are no longer relevant or toxic.  

When relating with others, follow these cardinal rules:

  1. Be curious - Be focused on others and learn their needs, wants and desires.
  2. Be relational - Be aware when you’ve become too transactional with key people in your life and learn to strike a healthy balance between transactional and relational activities with these people.
  3. Be organized -  Respect the time of others by being organized and intentional in your interactions with them.

When evaluating your current team, use these questions to ensure you have the right people:

  1. Are the right people in the right spots?
  2. Do they want to be on your team?
  3. Are they qualified to do what you’re asking them to do?

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Action Step

  • Label your top five team members and evaluate if they're in the right spot on your team