#014: Perfect Day Element #7 - Develop Systems

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In this episode, Erick Rheam, discusses Element #7 of the Seven Elements of The Perfect Day, develop systems.

Building margin in your life so that you can leverage your time, energy, and mental strength to pursue significance is critical.  Leveraging systems is how to achieve this goal.

In this episode Erick discusses how to build and manage systems to create margin in your life so you have room to pursue a significant life.

There are five guidelines to follow when developing systems:

  1. Delegate - Get tasks off your plate so you can focus on purposeful activities.
  2. Automate - Focus on recurring tasks that can be handled with technology or templates that you develop once then use repeatedly. 
  3. Ping critical areas of your life - Intentionally do a self check on key areas of your life to include your important relationships, personal growth, mental and emotional health.
  4. Measure success - Measure areas of your life that influence your behavior and identify trends that inform your decisions and actions.
  5. Record progress - Leverage tools to record progress in the major areas of your life so you can evaluate your life and performance during weekly, quarterly, and annual retreats.

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Action Step

  • Start doing a one hour weekly retreat