#007: Seven Elements of the Perfect Day Introduction

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Seven Elements of the Perfect Day Introduction:

In this episode, Erick Rheam, introduces the seven elements of the perfect day and discusses why he chose to unpack each element over the next seven episodes.

In order to pursue a life of significance then you must install daily habits that insulate you from the Beast.  Erick discusses the importance of the seven elements of the perfect day and shares a couple of key attributes of each element:

  1. Manage your priorities.  Focus on the main thing and eliminate the things that distract.
  2. Manage your energy.  Create a healthy life and manage your physical resources.
  3. Work within your strengths.  Eliminate, delegate, and automate areas of weakness.
  4. Live with clarity. Clarify key components of your life so that you may live purposefully.
  5. Manage expectations.  Create healthy relationships by clarifying others’ expectations.
  6. Assemble a team.  Surround yourself with quality people with a common vision.
  7. Build systems.  Craft systems to create the necessary margin to pursue significance.

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Action Step

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