#038: Solving the Productivity Problem with Jeff Sanders

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews speaker, author, podcaster, and productivity expert, Jeff Sanders, on his insights on how to approach the daily grind of life in a healthy and meaningful way.

Jeff shares insights on common mistakes most overwhelmed people make when they approach their days.  He believes it all starts with a realistic plan and learning to cut out 40% of what you plan to complete for the day to allow space for life to happen.

Jeff gives practical advice on how to manage email and why he believes it’s important to wake up thirty minutes earlier in the day and do something that excites you.

Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders is the founder and CEO of 5 AM Miracle Media.

He is a keynote speaker, productivity coach, author of The 5 AM Miracle, The Free-Time Formula, and founder of The Rockin’ Productivity Academy.

He also hosts The 5 AM Miracle Podcast, which has ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts in the Self-Improvement and Business categories, been nominated for 7 Podcast Awards, and exceeded 13 million downloads.

Jeff is a productivity junkie, plant-based marathon runner, and personal development fanatic. He also eats a crazy number of bananas. ?

Jeff also consistently shares new and fascinating content about healthy habits, personal development, and rockin’ productivity. Every week you can find him writing and speaking at JeffSanders.com.

Resources Mentioned

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  4. Getting Things Done methodology
  5. Nozbe task software system
  6. Freedom website blocker
  7. 5 AM Miracle podcast
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Action Step

  • Wake up 30 minutes early and do something meaningful