#026: Surround Yourself with Good People with Pastor David Norris

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews Pastor David Norris, on the power of a team and why it matters on a journey of significance.

The reality of life is that we must fast the Beast, that force that’s a constant disruptor.  If unchecked the Beast can distract us, frustrate us, and keep us from living our significant life.  In his book, Rise Above Chaos, Erick lays out the seven elements of a perfect day.  These elements are designed to protect you from the Beast.  One of those elements is to build a team or surround yourself with the right people that edify you, support you, and evolve with you.

Pastor David shares his own personal story and how critical it was for him to be intentional with the people he chose to do life with as he pursued a life of ministry.

David Norris

David & Sumer Norris are the senior pastors at City Church For All Nations in Bloomington, Indiana. They have been married for seventeen years and have four children: Davin, Adrian, Zaden, and Kendallyn.

Hanging out with family, watching movies, and playing sports are some of their hobbies.

Through their personal ministry, David Norris Ministries, they regularly speak at FamilyLife marriage conferences,

churches, and other venues across Bloomington, the United States, and worldwide. They are honored to lead a church that brings together 40 nationalities, different ethnicities, and multiple church backgrounds.

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