#037: The Importance of Therapy with Scott and Shate Hayes

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In this episode, Erick Rheam interviews Scott and Shate Hayes, from the Love Haze, and discusses the hard parts of life we often don’t like to talk about with each other.

Scott and Shate discuss their journey together and their passion for helping others.  Erick talks to them about the need for therapy and how Scott and Shate have benefitted from having a professional support them on their journey.

Scott gives practical advice on how to find a therapist and then how to get the most out of the experience.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Subscribe to the podcast
  2. Rise Above Chaos book
  3. Work with Erick
  4. The Love Haze website
  5. Find a Therapist website
  6. Psychology Today website

Action Step

  • Find someone to talk to about your life with to gain support